New yarn

I just got back from town. Of course, I had to stop at the local wal-mart. Hubby bought me twelve skeins of yarn. They are all so cute. I am learning to crochet, so these are for a basic blanket for the couch. I can’t wait to finish.
I have purchased so many knitting needles to learn how to knit. I tell you what, it is harder than it looks. I thought I had it once, boy was I fooled. Apparently I just kept on doing to same thing. Turned out ugly.
I can’t wait for the weather to cool off just a bit. It is sooo hot outside. I am getting tired of being in the house to cool off. You would think with all of the trees around my house there would be a cool shady spot. My land is so hilly. You can’t sit still outside. We are in the process of building our house. We live in the old part. Thank god hubby fixed it earlier. You should have seen it when we walked in. You could fall through the floor. I swear. Now the inside is all new. The outside is a whole nother story. People come over and they don’t want to come inside. Just as soon as they walk in they are amazed. They always comment on how different the inside is from the outside. I just say “it’s a work in progress.”
I’ll have to post a photo of my finished blanket. Shouldn’t take too long.


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