Kids are funny

Okay, so today the kids and I had this discussion about who’s birthday is coming up in a week. Yes, baby Jesus. Well, they wanted to send him a card. But ??? what is His address? They thought maybe if they tied it to a balloon? Maybe they could put it in the mail and the mailman would make it fly? Who knows????

Plus, I now have to come up with some cool birthday cake for him. I am not sure what His favorite flavor is. Do you know? Please help.

P.S. This was my two younger kids. The oldest would never have gotten into that discussion. Much too mature. LOL


One Response

  1. well, i’m not sure of the flavor, oh! wait! i just had a thought! fig. perhaps fig. aren’t they somewhat common in that neighborhood of the world?

    as for addressing the birthday card, i would fob that one off onto the local pastor. you can say, well kids, i’m not sure of the address, but i’m sure one of the deacons must know it.

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