Twas the night before christmas

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Here is the lapbook revamped over on the Homeschool Share Site.  I got to say Ann-Marie Seiler did a ton of work on it.  You should check it out.  Especially if you haven’t printed it yet, I kinda like some of her pages better.


When you click on a thumbnail, In order to get it to FULL size, You’ll have to click on the image again after it loads. <–until it turns to a white page with just the picture on it. Then you can select PRINT PREVIEW from your file menu. When you get your margins set right and the picture looks good, PRINT AWAY!

I know that was so confusing. I’m not very good at explaining anything. Just ask my kids..

Sugar-Plum Match Up Game

sugar-plum-match-up-bw.jpg sugar-plum-match-up-color.jpg sugar-plum-match-up-pocket-bw.jpg sugar-plum-match-up-pocket-color.jpg

Reindeer Round-Up

reindeer-round-up-cards-bw.jpg reindeer-round-up-cards-color.jpg reindeer-round-up-pocket-bw.jpg reindeer-round-up-pocket-color.jpg

Letter To Santa

letter-to-santa-bw.jpg letter-to-santa-up-color.jpg

How Many of Santa’s Reindeer Can You Name?

how-many-can-you-name-bw.jpg how-many-can-you-name-color.jpg

Can You Draw Santa?

can-you-draw-santa-bw.jpg can-you-draw-santa-up-color.jpg

Help Santa In His Search

help-santa-in-his-search-bw.jpg help-santa-in-his-search-color.jpg


B & W

vocabulary-words-bw.jpg vocabulary-words-2-bw.jpg vocabulary-pictures-bw.jpg vocabulary-pictures-2-bw.jpg vocabulary-pocket-bw.jpg


vocabulary-words-ccolor.jpg vocabulary-words-2-ccolor.jpg vocabulary-pictures-up-color.jpg vocabulary-pictures-2-color.jpg vocabulary-pocket-color.jpg



Put the Story Back In Order

put-the-story-back-in-order-up-answers.jpg put-the-story-back-in-order-bw-up-board.jpg put-the-story-back-in-order-color-up-board.jpg put-the-story-back-in-order-bw-sentences.jpg put-the-story-back-in-order-color-sentences.jpg

Name The Animals

name-the-animals-bw.jpg name-the-animals-color.jpg

Who Is St. Nicholas?

who-is-santa-bw.jpg who-is-santa-color.jpg

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