Working Hard

I have been working hard on just about everything.

My dd has asked for shoes for her kids. Yes, all four of them. They are Cabbage Patch Kids. I have finished 3 shoes. Just three. Not three pairs.

She then said they needed hats, coats, and gloves. She must think I am a crocheting machine. I had already sewn their stupid clothes. I am not made of yarn and fabric. I do not live in front of the sewing machine. I tried to get this across to her. She doesn’t listen.

Her birthday is coming up in a little over a week. I have to order cupcakes for her class. It sucks that you just can’t make them anymore. Everything has to come from the store. I could design some killer cupcakes. Anyway, I figured strawberries for the girls and spiders for the boys. Not too hard. Expensive. But not hard to call and order. As for her cake here, she wants a castle. Again, I am not made of frosting and cake.

Oh well, I will quit rambling. Pics of the shoes later.


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