In Search Of…Dress form

I have been searching, bidding, and searching again because I was outbid. I am looking for a dress form. I want to make one of those lamps I saw on Tv.

I have now given up my search and I am going to make one. I really wanted one that was more womanly, if you get my drift. Yet, I will be using my little dd for a model. I guess this is more appropriate since it will go in her room.

You wouldn’t believe how many tutorials are on the www. Checking them all out takes time. I have figured out which way to go about and now to get started.

Rambling. I haven’t done anything today but clean house, fish tanks, rabbit cage, and bird cages. I am soooo ready to go to sleep. I just can’t seem to get away from the computer. I guess I just want some time to myself. This is the first time I have logged onto the computer for myself. My son was on earlier.
I will stop boring everyone now. Good night.


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