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The Decision

Well, the hubby and I, along with two out of three kids, sat down to dinner at Ryans’ Steakhouse the other night.  On the discussion list was homeschooling next year.  Everyone was for it, except that had a few questions.


 My oldest wanted to know what stuff I would teach.  He will be in the 8th grade.  I told him we would discuss that part later, after I checked on some supplies, books, etc.  He really wants to learn French, so I know I will add that one on.


The youngest hasn’t been to public school yet.  She does attend a preschool.  I have fears on sending her to school.  It might be because she is a girl and I don’t like her around that many different people.  I guess that makes me a little weird. 


 The middle child, the absent one, had discussed the issue with me earlier.  He was all for the extra writing assignments.  I am big on writing.  He was all for the math.  I am big on math.  He was okay with learning French.  I learned when I was younger.  I have forgotten some, so this would help me out also.  His biggest fear was what would we eat for lunch everyday.  OMG.  I wish that was my only worry.  You couldn’t tell from looking at him that he is a big eater.


My hubby said he wished someone had homeschooled him.  He is always raving and ranting about how the teachers hated him.  They never gave him any respect.  I am so sick of hearing the same story over and over.  Oh well.  You got to love them anyway.  What I don’t understand is why he would want me to send the kids to the same school he attended.  Just doesn’t make any sense.  It might be because it is nearest to our house.  I’m sure we could afford the gas to go to a better school.  He just doesn’t want me out running the roads.  He did love the fact that if we wanted to go on vacation we didn’t have to stick to the ps schedule.  I’m all for that one.  I could use a good vacation.


Well, I know I hadn’t posted in a long time.  I have been so busy with other stuff.  I am going to try and keep up the posting here on this blog as well as my other.  I hadn’t noticed people had commented on my first entry.  Thanks.

Amy, I am going to watch for that get together in May.  That sounds interesting.


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