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People against me & for me

Oh, my! My hubby’s Aunt found out about me homeschooling. She was the one person I knew that would oppose. In her opinion, homeschooling is the worst thing you can do for your child. They never get to know other people. They never get to experience friends. They never know anything except what goes on in their own home. <—-her words, not mine. I’m just wondering if she thinks I live in a cave in the middle of Siberia.

They already have friends. A few they could stand to lose, if you ask me. They will still get to interact with other people. It just won’t be at school. Unless school has changed in the ‘few’ years since I have been out, we never got to socialize much anyway. The little bit of free time on the playground. You can experience the same thing at your local park. Lunchtime interaction, go to your local Chucky Cheese, or Mr. Gatt’s here. After school activites, they are still after school, just not school related.

Right now, she thinks that homeschooling is an option. One she doesn’t want me to choose, but still an option. I have been trying to tell her that it is a definite. We are doint this next year and probably from now on.

I really don’t want to send them back to school, for more than one reason. I feel they need the one-on-one attention that they don’t get in the 20+ classroom at PS. I feel they don’t need the interaction with their friends during school time. They went their to learn, not have fun. I’m sure there is a way to do both, but they just haven’t figured it out. They have fun during learn time. Then, there is the worry of guns at school. Guns, when in the wrong hands, are dangerous. You let a child who has been tortured and teased have a gun. There just is no telling what or who he intends to kill.

Some people raise their kids to be cruel. I’m not talking about the ones with the guns. I am referring to the ones who tease the other children for stuff they just can’t help. My four-year-old, who is in pre-school with other four-year-olds, has come home a few times upset over stuff that the other children had said. She had a problem with her two front teeth and they would tease her about that. Let me tell you, it was a little problem, not some huge thing you would notice when you look at her. Yet, they noticed it and pointed it out all the time. I’m sure they just didn’t know better. It still hurt her feelings. I have met older kids at the boy’s school that just wanted to make me feel inferior to them. It’s those kids that I do believe my children could do without. I want them to have friends that are equals in all ways. I’m not sure if I even know what I mean.

I do have some people that are with me on this decision. My husband being the first and most important. He wishes he had someone to teach him when he was younger. He is always going on and on about how he hated school. Not because of the learning, but because of the way his teachers treated him. My MIL is for it. She doesn’t like the whole ‘gun thing’ at school. I was a little worried about what she had to say. Surprised me. My mom is okay with it, for now. Maybe by the middle of next school year, everyone will be on the same page.

I have been going over books and books and books. I have looked at so many books. I keep changing my mind on which ones I want. I have a few purchased already. They are the ones that stood out. I did get a couple off of Ebay. I’m excited about saving that money. I can buy more stuff later on when I do my big purchase. I got a $45.00 science book for $6.50. I lucked out on that one. I also got some Geometry books for $3.00. I don’t intend on geometry being one of my main subjects, but it will be some. I will be teaching my son in eighth grade pre-algebra. He has changed his mind from Spanish to French. He told me he doesn’t plan on going to France anytime soon. However, Mexico is here. Literally. These days you just have to go to town and see Mexico. Everyone speaks Spanish in town. My mother, who has waited tables since she was 14 years old, has worked at this place since it opened up about 20 years ago. They wanted her to learn to speak Spanish, because everyone in the kitchen is Mexican. She was like, no way. She now knows enough to get through the work day. Old dogs sometimes don’t want to learn new tricks.

I believe that I have ranted and raved enough. I will let this entry end. Thanks for listening.

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