Is it spring?

It must be spring, because I have done so much cleaning lately. Maybe, I can make it turn spring if I do cleaning. I don’t know.
I haven’t had much time to craft lately. I have been cleaning out our ‘junk room.’ It used to be our bedroom. Then, it turned into a room to put everything that didn’t have an actual place. Now, I have to make everything have a place for now. That just isn’t going so smooth. My old living room, which is now a dining room, has been turned upside down. I have so much stuff in here it is impossible to sit down and sew. My dh is going to buy a bigger fish tank and turn two of these tanks in here into one big tank in the kids living room. I can’t wait. That would give me so much more room.
On the other front, the boys will soon be sleeping in the girly room. They will be staying in there while their two rooms get finished. One needs some more sheet rock. They both need a window added. Not to mention…carpet, paint, furniture. Oh man. I guess after finishing the other two bedrooms, I got a little lazy. Back to work.

Someone save me….


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