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Just a thought…

I thought that maybe I should post to my blog.  I have been so busy lately.  It seems that more than a few of you are into cleaning right now.  I have been trying to do some deep cleaning alongside of normal housework.  My house is under construction, so it really seems such a mess.  My middle child keeps asking when he will get to move into his room.  I have no hope of that anywhere in the near future.  His room is full of boxes of tools and what nots.  I hope to move them sometime this week to a corner in the somewhat finished basement.


On the school front, the kids are still in ps and are on spring break.  They are loving every minute of it.  We have done the movie thing, the park thing, the dollar store thing, all though that one is more often. I can’t help it, they have some neat school stuff.  I have been buying all kinds of books.  Like I didn’t have enough in the storage building outside.  I need to find a place for those inside.  First, I have to move four fish tanks out of my dining room.  I am going to use it for the school room until the basement is complete.   Hubby told me I can have half of it for myself.  That was nice of him, since he will have his two car garage and all of the room that goes behind it.  Makes me feel kind of special to share with the laundry and the hot water heater.


Anywho…  I have yet to order my supplies for next year.  I do however know where and what I am buying.  I am going to wait for my tax money.  In order to wait for it I have to send for it.  I still have 4 or 5 more days.  No rush.  It costs us like $200 to file.  I find that crazy, but hubby likes the security that comes along with the H & R Block.  Crazy.


Back to cleaning.  Good luck.


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