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My Books For Next Year

I am so excited. The UPS lady pulled up with a big box of books for school. I had ordered our books for next year about a week ago from Homeschoolingbooks.com. I can’t wait to look the books over better. I can already tell that I love the extra math book, Grocery Cart Math. I also like the Backyard Scientist. I go the original and the series one.

For my dd, who will be in kindergarten, I ordered a whole assortment of books. I got her the Before We Read and both of the Learning Through Sounds for phonics. She is going to better her handwriting with the Italic Handwriting Series book A. I bought both volume one and two of the Spectrum Dolch Sight Word Activities for spelling. She also has a few things around here for spelling. I tell you what she loves to spell. Math for her will consist of Liberty Mathematics Level K. For some reading work, I have a ton of books to go along with Fisher-Price Ready Readers Stage 1 and some Scholastic Scooby-Doo phonics readers.

For my ds2, who will be in third grade, I got a few books today. I already had ordered some before. He will be reading New Friends and More New Friends. I also got him the Italic Handwriting Series book D. He is looking forward to learning to write in cursive. He thinks it is like a secret language for us grownups. Building Spelling Skills book 3 will be his spelling book. I plan on throwing in some extra assignments to liven it up. Bob Jones English 3 is an excellent English book. He told me it is just like the one he uses at his public school right now. American Pioneers and Patriots will be part of his history. I am going to throw in some United States history with a state study for both of the boys. Bob Jones Math 3 is a great book for math. Science 3 by BJU will be his science course, along with the Backyard Scientist books.

For my ds1, who will be in eighth grade, I mostly had to buy the test books. I got most of his off of Ebay. His reading will be Our Heritage. English grammar will be done with Applications for Grammar book 2, Structure for Communicating Effectively. I was really impressed by that book. Handwriting is one of his weaker subjects. I am going to start his out with the Italic Handwriting Series book D and then move him onto book E. Spelling will be Building Spelling Skills book 8. History is The Land of Fair Play along with the Complete Book of United States History and the state study. Saxon Algebra 1/2 will help ease him into math. Earth Science from Bob Jones, again, is his science.

I am also going to introduce them into the Spanish language. I am just going to do some stuff out of the Complete Book of Spanish. My ds1 will be studying Spanish next year in his freshman year. I hope this will help him get a booster.

Well, that is my life for the next year. I hope I didn’t bore you people too much.


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