Interesting Sites

These five sites all are for the younger generation. The last few are pretty much for reading. I am beginning to teach my 5yo dd how to read. She has been begging me to start school. Gotta love that.

Fun4brains This place is neat. They have some games for the kids that are somewhat educational. Fun for you underage children.

Julia’s Rainbow Corner Is a part of the fun4brains family. My dd really enjoys these games. I guess she is learning a few things. Great for the preschooler.

Storybook Web For the learning to read child in your life. This little guy talks to you. My dd loves it when the computer tells her what to do. It has a few stories and games to go along at different levels.

Clifford the Big Red Dog What more do I need to say? Games and activities for everyone apparently. My middle child was into this one also.

Grimm Fairy Tales Don’t know if you are learning to read, but soooo cute. They talk to you also. My little dd loves people to talk to her. That is if you can get a word in edge wise.

Well, until next week.


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