Cool New Toy

The kids and I braved Dollywood for a few hours this morning.  They are having Kidfest at the moment.  We didn’t get in too much riding on anything.  They mainly wanted to watch shows and check out the booths for kidsfest.  That still wore me completely out.


The two younger ones made ‘gunk’.  It is more like glurch to me.  They found it really enjoyable.  That’s all that counts.   They had all kids of stuff you could make up at that exhibit.


We also got to watch the glassblower and The Little Engine That Could.  The older kids thought that one was boring.


I did venture around the shops looking at all the cool toys and games.  I saw way too many that I wanted.  I ended up buying this sudoku cube.  It resembles the rubik’s cube, but with numbers.  Of course you can only have one through nine on each side.  I will never figure that one out.



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