Great To Be Back

My modem got fried this past Tuesday. You never know how much you depend on this little box, until it goes. I just got around to fixing it today. Mainly because I wasn’t sure if that was the problem.


School has gone off this week without a hitch. My middle child had a breakdown on tuesday, it was a bad day. He got over it in about an hour. He is doing fine now. My oldest loves homeschooling. He said that he is going to brag to all of his ps friends. I realize how much help he needs with basic grammar. That will be some work. We’ll manage.

My dd loves kindergarten. She is picking stuff up so easy. I am wondering if I should have put her in first grade. She had preschool last year and did great. I’ll have to see later on about how she enjoys sticking to doing stuff.


Thanks for everyone who left comments. You guys are great.


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