Foam Tanagrams

by my 13yo son

the extra ones


Me, being the cheapskate that I am, cut up some foam sheets for tanagrams.  My 5yo dd always takes the scrap pieces of construction paper and arranges them to make a picture.  I thought to myself, why couldn’t I just make some permanent ones out of foam for her to play with on the floor.  Then, the teacher in me thought, Wow!  She could learn alot from these little scraps.  Without me telling her, she had arranged them so that the colors were all together.  Then, she arranged them by shape.  I guess that wasn’t enough.  She had put them back into stacks by color and separated them by shape.  I was in shock.


The older boys thought my idea was stupid.  They would never play with something so childish.  My oldest boy mad the robot man in the first picture.  I guess he is childish.  lol  Who knew $2.00 would go so far.


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