Working Hard

I just had to show everyone this picture of my boys working hard.  They are both looking up their spelling/vocabulary words.  They hated writing down the definition, so I made up a worksheet for them to write the word next to the definition.  I know.  My dh thinks I am being to easy on them.  I do make them write other stuff down all day long.

My dh was giving them a talking to while this picture was taken.  He was explaining to them the advantages of being homeschooled.  He wishes he had someone to homeschool him when he was younger. <then maybe he could help my 8th grader with his math>  Dh came out of the bedroom asking what was the square root of 81?  My oldest and I said in unison, "9".  DH-"Nope, it’s 3".  Us- "Nope, it’s 9".  DH-"go get a calculator".  He didn’t feel good being proved wrong.   Sorry.

I was taken back at how little my 13yo actually knows about math.  Not much.    >He just knows the square roots because I was explaining it during his getting reaquainted with multiplication.<  We started his first page in his book today, Saxon Algebra 1/2.  It was number placement.  He couldn’t figure it out because it didn’t have a decimal anywhere.  It took me almost ten minutes to explain to him, that it was at the end and just understood.  I can’t believe what he hasn’t learned at public school.

I’ll quit ranting.  We did get a bunch of stuff finished today.  We only have a four day week, due to the dollywood homeschool day this friday.  Have fun everyone.


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