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Postal Service Vent and more ramblings….

I am so disgusted with my mailman.  I have been waiting for a few books that I had ordered.  Well, today was the magic day.  I got two of them.  Both were well wrapped.  Both were hardback.  One was outside of my mailbox.  Which was no problem.  The other was folded and placed inside my mailbox.  Wow.  What a waste of money.  The thing that really ticks me off is….he put the smaller book outside, with my bills.  They would have fit perfectly inside.


The book that I had ordered was one of the Dick and Jane books.  It has a few stories inside.  I was hoping this would make my dd have greater interest in reading.  It is still able to be read.  It just looks awful.  I never have bought insurance when it is just a book.  If it didn’t show up, I wouldn’t even care.  It drives me crazy that I got it, and just as soon as I got it, it was ruined.  Nevertheless, she loves it.  I guess I am just venting.


She has gotten better at reading.  I picked up a Disney reader at Wal-Mart.  She tells everyone how she can read the book without even opening it up.  Okay, maybe she has it memorized.  That’s a start.  I do quiz her on a few of the words.  Odd how she can spell ‘princess’ and can’t figure out the word ‘a’.  Not joke there.


On the other side, my oldest and I have been looking over his college plans.  We are preparing for his high school adventure.  I’m not to keen on what his choice is at this moment.  I’m hoping it will change.  He, currently, plans on being a video game designer.  Whatever.  To each his own. 


We had a late day.  School has lasted all day long.  My middle son has been going to work with his father this week.  He loves it, but I’m over it.  I school the other two during the day.  Then, tend to him at night.  Today, the other two seemed to drag every subject out.  So, there we all were at 7:30pm working on our latest adventure, lapbooks.  I will post more on that later. 


I made them a lapbook for our October theme, bones.  It seemed appropriate for the Halloween month.  I hope by November, they can name the major bones in the body, as well as the organs.  This refering to the older two.  I made one for my younger one.  It goes along the lines of learning the names of body parts.


Well, tata for now.  I promise to write more later.  Thanks for all the comments.


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