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FREE – Human Body Lapbook

Here is our “the human body” lapbook. I had to do one for my kindergarten dd also. It is following the older children’s books.

To go along with these lapbooks, I made an interactive learning wall. I bought a skeleton at wal-mart for $1.00. < around halloween> I printed out some bone name labels and put magnets on the back. Now they can use the metal door, that has no other use, in our classroom for learning their bones.

This one uses 3 folders.

This one if the front cover for both lapbooks. On the flap, I had them write a word from the human body that started with its letters. Not too hard.

This is opened up once. On the left flap, a maze that starts with a skeleton. Below that are the answers to the label-a-skeleton. ..no peeking… The skeleton in the center can be labeled with labels inside a envelope, placed in the bag-o-bones pocket. The black space above that, on the right flap, is the ‘body bag’. Inside it are bone pieces that they can make into a skeleton. This is the body bag, with the parts in place. It is closed with metal brads.

This is opened up twice. Left flap has the labels in an envelope and pocket. The answers are placed below. Label the organs in the center. (I just used paint and put an empty box over the words.) On the right are ten pockets for ‘little known facts about the human body’. (I made up a card with a pic of the fact, and wrote the fact on the card. I give them one each day we work on our books. Total of 20.) The other ten are on the other side of the flap.

These are opened up three and the first back and flap. We did the label these little organs, etc., in class together. They got a big kick out of that. The organs are: eye, ear, heart, and lungs. On the cards beside them, they are to write a little something about that organ that they thought was interesting.

This is the very back. To be completed when the book is finished. I just put space for them to write about what they learned and what they liked best about that lapbook.

HERE IS THE YOUNGER LAPBOOK. I tried to keep the theme the same, but took it down a notch for her. This one uses 2 folders.

The cover is the same as above.

Label the five senses. A brain maze. Label the body parts.(Just a link. You have to click on the label the body parts) The card envelope with the labels is on with velcro. The right side is the ‘body bag’, see above.

The same skeleton maze, a word find. Label the face parts. The labels are again attached with velcro. On the right flap, she has to draw pictures of what she has two of.

This is the back and last flap. In the fold over envelope are cards with the body parts. In the vinyl pockets are little pieces she can decorate her face with. She has already colored her person, sans facial features. She actually got great fun from this page. I am surprised at how much she plays with this lapbook.

I lost a few of the links. Sorry. Here are a few that I had bookmarked, so you could look there. A few, you will just have to search, or make up your own.



Well, there we go. That was my first attempt at making up my own lapbook. I hope it helps anyone else out. Thanks for bearing with me on my descriptions.


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  1. THANK YOU for the help with the Human Body lapbook! You did a great job and your tips and especially the LINKS will be very helpful. I will be teaching a Human Body class to 5- to 8-year-olds as part of a homeschool co-op. I will be using some of your stuff. Thanks again!

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