Birthday Boy

Well, the day has finally arrived.  My ds has been counting this down for a month now.  Here he is in all his glory, my middle child, my now 9 year old.


Here is a pic of him working on his engine with his dad, my dh.  This was around 11pm last night.  They were getting into it.  It stills sits on the classroom table, waiting on another screwdriver.  No one would venture downstairs in the dark to get one.  Lazy people.

I have to say that he is the quietest of my three.  When he went for his kindergarten physical, the nurses all thought that he was autistic.  He is just very shy.  It took me over an hour to convince them that he does talk.  He just won’t talk to you.  He is not that way anymore.  You can’t hardly get him to be quiet now.


Off to get the day started.  We have about an hour left of school.  Then we are off to pick up his cake, etc.  Thank the Lord the party isn’t at my house.  His aunt is hosting him a get-together.  Thank you Aunt Diane.


You all have a great day and a safe weekend.




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