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One Crazy Week

This has been one of the oddest weeks, so far.


It all started on Monday morning.  That is the day I take my Mother to do her grocery shopping, etc.  Well, we are all in my car, ready to go, and the thing will not start.  Battery trouble.  Dh had taken the truck to work with him.  So, we are stuck at home.  When he came home later, I had to run and order a birthday cake for my middle son.  He wanted an unusual one this year.  So I decided to order the thing.  Now I am wishing I had just taken on the task.  I am so afraid that they are going to mess it up, or lose his favorite card. ( He wanted a cake that was a Yu-Gi-Oh card.)


I had taken a nap earlier, so I was wide awake Monday night.  Well, around midnight I heard this big bang. The whole house shook.  It took a second to hit me what it was.  This stupid tree had fallen and hit our house right above our bedroom.  I tried to wake up Dh and get him out of the room.  Thank God he built our roof so great.  It bounced off of the roof and landed on the unbuilt section of the house.  It did crack the roof just a bit.  Quick fix.  I am still shook up over the whole thing.  I’ll survive.


Hubby had worked on my car Monday night.  It worked then.  Tuesday, we are all in the car again.  No go.  My battery is dead.  I guess changing the ends was not a fix.  Again, Dh had taken the truck to work.  Of course, he has taken the only other vehicle in the driveway that I can drive.  I had to wait on him to get home and then run to my Mom’s and take her some stuff.


Wednesday was such a pretty day outside.  We had finished school early. ( It starts at 6am here anyway.)  I decided to take the kids to Dollywood before it got too cold.  Right now they are having their Harvest Festival.  All sorts of craftsmen.  The only one they cared for was the people making apple butter.  They could have been there all day.  It was so tiring, that I came home and went to bed.  I have been napping all week.  Which is strange for me.


Thursday is finally here.  I have been waiting all day to go pick up a present for my kids.  Their Aunt had purchased this big air hockey table and couldn’t fit it in her car.  I had to drive all the way to Knoxville.  The kids seemed to think that that would take 3 days. LOL More like an hour.  I try my best to avoid Knoxville.  I hate that place.  Too many people for me.  Needless to say, we just made it back home in one piece.  My ds just bought him one of those kits to build an engine.  He can’t put the thing down.  Maybe he is going to fix my car next.  One can only hope. 


Well, that is all the rambling I can take for one day.  I’m off to read everyone else’s blogs.  I could spend all day on this box reading.

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