Bug Contest Pics

The boys were in a contest recently where the winners had to eat suckers.  Well, I guess I failed to tell them beforehand, the suckers have bugs in them.  After they finished their words, I broke the news.  Excited they WERE.  They found the suckers cool and neat, but were afraid to eat them.  Finally, here is the photo.  They actually have them unwrapped and in their mouths.  I told them they didn’t have to finish them, but ..ha ha.. they wanted to.  Not me. YUCK.

Austin is enjoying his, can’t say the same for Jimmy.  Even the dog had to get in the photo action.  This is the first picture I have of him face forward.  Every other time, he runs away.


Along with the four suckers, Eyecorn sent us these neat books and two of the bug viewers.  Only one is pictured because the other was in use at shooting time.


Thanks to eyecorn for an interesting contest and thanks for the weird suckers.  I let the boys choose which two to keep.  Austin kept the scorpion and Jimmy kept the cricket.


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