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Family Pets : Memories

         In Memory of Copper Penny


We have taken a week off due to a death in the family, our beloved inside poodle, Copper Penny.  He went to be with the Lord this past Wednesday.

  I haven’t ever cried so much over losing a family pet.  Maybe it was the fact that I was the one driving the car that ACCIDENTALLY ran him over.  The kids are upset with me right now.  Everyone has been trying to get them to understand that I can’t watch all angles of the vehicle whilst pulling up our bumpy driveway.  I always go slow anyway.

  The hardest part is the little reminders of him all over the place.  The hairbrush being the biggest.  We would joke that the hairbrush must be the car keys.  Everytime I would brush my hair he would go crazy and get his leash.  He was always wanting to go bye bye or for a walk.

  Copper Penny came to be with us by pure luck.  I pulled into a gas station that my DH happened to be at.  There was this nice lady out front asking everyone if they wanted a poodle for free.  I was like ‘you have to be joking.’  (I have always wanted a little inside doggie, but couldn’t see paying a fortune for one).  I assured her that this dog would be well-loved, and he was.  He was so spoiled rotten.  The kids were always giving up buying a toy, just so they could get him a treat or a toy.  Now all those toys are laying around as little reminders. 

  I hadn’t left the house since it happened, until this morning.  I got into my car to retrieve my DD’s car seat.  In my seat lay his leash.  I about died on the spot.  He had only gotten out of the car to check the mail with my son.  I guess this is one of life’s lessons.  In the future I won’t let any pet out until I come to a complete stop.

  To add insult to injury, my pet parakeet, Polly Bird, died this morning.  I can’t win for losing.  I have had this bird for about three years.  She is the first one that I had got.  I’ve had a few more since then.  I allowed my son to move them into his room and that didn’t last long, or should I say they didn’t last long.  I don’t think they liked being away from everyone else.  He took great care of them.


  Well, I  have a parade to get ready for this afternoon.  I thought that this would help remove some grief and guilt to get it out.  Thanks for letting me ramble.


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