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Ant Farm

Here is a pic of our ant farm with their farm growing….

About three months ago, I purchased an ant farm for the kids.  I sent off for the ants and about gave up on ever getting them.  Well, they showed up this past monday.  The note said to put them in the fridge for 15 minutes, so they would calm down.  It didn’t calm them down enough for me. ( I hate bugs.)

We fed the little creatures a seed.  After reading the info that came with the farm, we gave them a small birdseed to play "soccer" with.  After reading some more, we found out that some ants are seed farmers.  Well, I guess that’s what we got.  They didn’t play or eat the two seeds, they buried them.  I am glad to say that after 4 1/2 days, the little one sprouted.  We now have crops in our ant farm.

We had a few accidents putting the ants in.  Okay, I crushed them with the little stick.  It was neat to watch them carry away the dead and bury them.  The kids didn’t believe me  that they would do that.  Ha Ha.  I did my research.

I recommend one of these little farms for everyone.  Mine only cost $7.00.  They have better ones that you don’t even have to feed or water.  Neat.


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