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It’s Official

It’s official.  She is no longer a baby.  My only daughter, my youngest, turned six Thursday.  She has informed me that she "is now ‘officially’ a big girl."

She has enjoyed having her one day.  We had waffle stix for breakfast.  Then, we decorated her cupcakes.  She was pushing them into the decorations.  When I say pushing, I mean pushing hard.  For lunch we had quesadillas, her fave again.  Then it was time to decorate her birthday cake.  She was amazed at the fact that the oven could turn that liquid we poured into the pan into that solid cake.  This year, she picked out a doll cake.  She has had this cake planned out since the day after her birthday last year, no kidding.  She will pick one out for next year tomorrow.  I know, she’s a little crazy, but I love her.

We had gotten her a Barbie doll cheerleader outfit and a Bratz hair doll.  She had to wear the outfit to her party at Mr. Gatti’s.  I am used to her being all dressed up.  She once went to the library in a princess dress and high heels.  She clicked everywhere she went.   Not to mention, got all the looks.  I am one to stay away from gaining eye contact from others around me.  This is hard to do when your daughter has on a bright green dress and orange shoes that are harder than a brick.  I’m not sure where she gets her since of style.  Not me for sure, I’m a t-shirt and jeans with sandals all year long kinda girl.


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