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7 Weird Things about MOI

I was tagged awhile back by someone and am just now getting around to doing this little fill it in.  My computer has been acting up lately.  I guess I just wasn’t giving it enough attention.

Well.  I’ll have to narrow it down to seven.  I asked my family, even my dh, and all I got was "only seven."  They said that everything I do is weird.  Oh well.

1.    I can eat salad all day long.  It is like dessert in this house.  I would take a nice salad over a piece of cake or a big juicy steak any day of the week.

2.    I cannot sit still when I am around a mess.  It just absolutely drives me crazy.  I either have to get up and clean or leave.

3.    I don’t drink coffee.  Just can’t understand how anyone in the world could drink the stuff.  I would rather have hot water all by itself than to have to drink that stuff.

4.    I love to do paperwork.  I guess that is why everyone sticks me with the all-year-long tax junk.

5.    I don’t like the radio on in the car, or anywhere else for that matter.  I would rather sit in silence, so I can think more clearly.

6.    I am real picky about eating meat.  I won’t eat meat that ‘someone’ just killed.  I have to have the taste for meat before I can even eat it.  Sometimes I have to gag a few times while I am cooking the stuff.  Yuck.  Same goes for eggs.  Gross.

7.    I can’t stand it when someone says, " WHAT THE…".  If you are going to say it, you mise well finish it.  You get in trouble in my house when you say those two little words together.  It is the same as cursing.

Well, there you go.  I’m not sure who all reads this blog, but anyone can do it.


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