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Scamming Emails

I’m not a popular person by no means.  My typical box is stuffed full of group stuff and the occasional email from family.  I don’t usually get so many emails from strangers.  I have noticed a few odd ones here lately.

One woman who is on her death bed.  She is a Christian woman looking for another Christian woman to help out.  Her late husband had left her a huge sum of money that she just found out about.  Of course her being as sick as she is, can’t go retrieve this money.  You guessed it, she wants me to go get it for her.  NOT.     I emailed her back saying that if she was that sick, she couldn’t write an email as long as she did.  That sucker had a scroller on it.  I can’t believe she even emailed me twice.

Again today, I get one.  This one is from a 21 year old woman, whose father just passed away.  Her mom died when she was young.  Now she wants me to go get her money due to she is just a college student and can’t afford it.  Yeah, right.

This is not my only encounters with scammers.  I had my broken laptop on Ebay for sale.  Some idiot did they BIN and emailed me telling me he was mailing my check.  I had to inform him that I don’t accept checks.  He said that he would cancel the check and send me a money order.  How much trouble just to please little old me will one person go through?  He had even arranged for his own shipping.  The truck pulled into my odd driveway to pick it up.  Of course, I refused shipment.  He wanted to send me a check for $1,000. No, my broken laptop wasn’t worth that much.  I was supposed to send the rest to his friend in Africa, along with the laptop.  Don’t worry, I didn’t fall for any of it.

It is amazing what people will go through to get someone else’s money.  I am somewhat new to this whole internet thingy.  I have only been on here for about 2  1/2years or so.  I am getting the hang of it.  My mom just purchased a new computer and is trying to learn her way around it.  I am a little worried for her, she is gullible.  She still has to get used to the computer without even going online.  She called me to ask me how to turn it off.  Oh, boy.  We have a long way to go.


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