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Christmas in 1980

This is a picture of me and my two brothers on Christmas morning in 1980. The man in the background is my Dad’s father, pepaw. He had walked there to visit us. He lived in an apartment down the road. I don’t quite remember this day, as I was only five. I do however remember living in that apartment.The apartment was downstairs from our landlord/babysitter/driver to church. They had all kinds of roles in my life, more on them later. Down the little narrow driveway was a store. It was also where we caught the little school bus. Our bus driver always called me “smiley”. I can only guess why. She was such a sweet lady, she brought us presents on Christmas. I remember many a morning waiting for the school bus and playing with the ‘gang’ from the apartment building. Those were the days. (I also remember that my grandmother had fallen out of a car in that same spot. She was okay, but her puzzle wasn’t.)

Our landlords did alot for us. We called them Jesse and Laney. Laney was there last name and Jesse was his wife. I’m not even sure what his first name was. They had land elsewhere that had a garden on it. I remember having fresh lettuce and french dressing anytime I wanted. Plus, they had a deep freezer. I love how they smell even still today. She always had frozen peaches thawing out with sugar. YUM!!! He had transformed a van into a church bus, driving the kids from the apartments to church on Sunday and etc. They were just really nice people all around.

I didn’t really get to hang around me pepaw that much. He did live down the road from us, but we were too young to walk and visit. His apartment was above an old general store. That was a cool store. It’s not open today, although it still stands along with the upstairs apartments. My aunt and her family live there today. You could go in there and find all your basic needs, down to a pair of shoes. We would stop in there on our walk into Gatlinburg and pick up a piece of gum. His apartment was pretty bare. I remember it was just like the store, basic needs.

I was showing this picture to my dd and she couldn’t find me. I was trying to tell her that there was only ONE girl in the picture. She still didn’t get it. Anyways, I had noticed my hair was short. I remember my mother cutting it off because I had all kinds of tats around my neck area. Never had that problem since. I guess cutting it short taught me a lesson.

We had a lot of good times in that apartment. When we moved out we moved into my Grandmother’s trailer for a short while. My Mom had bought us a house and it needed to be built. We left there when I was in second grade and moved into our house (her current still) when I was in third grade. I visit her every Monday. We always go shopping for groceries and whatever else gets thrown into the buggy. The kids enjoy going to her house. Just like most grandmothers, she keeps popsicles and cookies on hand.

Well, it was fun going down memory lane. I had another topic picked out, but my Mother had shown me this picture. So next week….

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