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Driving Ms. Shirley

Tackle It Tuesday Meme


Today was a great Tackle It Tuesday. We finally got my Grandmother’s Tennessee state ID card. She is 73 and has never had one. (She doesn’t drive). The only reason she even has to have one now is, she lost her social security card and had to have it to get one.

We have had the hardest time with all of this. She had to wait forever to get her birth certificate from Michigan. Then we found out she needed her marriage certificate from Maryland. Then, she even had to prove she was divorced. Luckily that one was in the same county. It did require some major footwork. Needless to say, I got my exercise that day. We were back and forth across the road at our county courthouse.

The women, my grandmother, never leaves her house. She has people to do all of her shopping for her. The store down the road will even deliver a few things. So taking her across the county was a fun task. I don’t mean fun as in real fun either. All she wanted to do was get the ID and go straight back to Gatlinburg. We went straight to the DMV and came the scenic route back. Scenic for her is through town. Everything has changed since she was here last. Strange living in the same county for over thirty something years and seeing everything change. Stuff changes around here everyday.

The first thing she noticed was a motel at the end of her street. She had heard they were tearing it down, but she hadn’t realized they had already done the entire demolition. Wal-Mart was amazing for her. She didn’t dare venture inside, but the outside was cool. She thought the Wonderworks building was amazing. My DS1 actually thought she believed it was really turned upside down by a tornado. She joked around about going to Dollywood. She hasn’t been since it was Gold Rush Junction. I told her that I would take her someday, but today they were closed. She declined. She wants pictures of the 50’s section instead. I may have to force her to go. We’ll see.

We did make her eat dinner with us. Mom and I called it our “Mother’s Day Dinner.” Since we had planned on taking her out on that day and she already said she didn’t want to go. We took her to Red Lobster’s for lobster bisque and stuffed mushrooms. I’m not really a Red Lobster kind of person. Not my flavor of food. The salad was nice though and the biscuits were to die for. I wish you could have heard her trying to pick a restaurant to eat at though. I told her just to get the yellow pages and go through that one. She watches way too much TV. She was trying to remember the commercials and choose a big name restaurant.

After we dropped her back off at home, Mom and I went for a trip down memory lane. We took my kids with us. I wanted to go see if the apartments I grew up in were still there. It was, but my how it had changed. It was nice showing the kids where I caught the little school bus and where we went to get pac-man ice cream. Does anyone remember those crazy things. Those were cool. They got to see how far we walked with our laundry to wash them. We also had to walk to the grocery store or in the warmer months, we could ride the trolley with the groceries. How embarassing! I guess you do what you have to do when your Mom doesn’t drive. I’m so glad I overcome the fear and finally learned how. I was 18 1/2 when I got my license. Thank the Lord!! Now I get to chauffer everyone else around. That part is the bad part, but oh well!

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