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School Room Pictures

I got a little crazy with the camera recently and thought I would post up some pics of our “current” classroom. We get to move into a bigger room when the house is completed. It’s not everywhere your DH adds a classroom onto your house plans.

DD and DS2 hard at work


The classroom table. Behind it is our map. I made this last year and it hasn’t moved. The kids love to point out states on it. The blackboard on the right is for our themed study, which is currently BIRDS. There is also a frog cycle posted on the lower part. We have tons of tadpoles at various stages of life, living on our porch.


Our white board, it has our bible verse for the week under it. Behind it, in a big mess, are two metal shelves that hold craft supplies, teaching accessories, and just about anything else you want to find


Here is our calendar for the year. I think I will make a new one every year. I have actually changed this a little bit. Instead of that big green apple to mark the day, we have a little green worm.


This wall holds the kids cubby hole shelf. The brown shelf contains my paperwork for our business and etc office supplies. The yellow board on the wall is their “egg-cellent readers” board. They get and egg on the board for every book they read. At the very top are the ten commandments. The little white board we use for little stuff to remember.


Of course, the handwriting posters above. Below are the kids folders for every class. When the year is over, they have all of their papers for that class in their respective folders.


Here is the library at our house. It is located in the new classroom, which is currently our only living room that is finished.The kids love the bean bag to lay on and read.


Here is my desk. I assure you, I have cleaned it since then. (Only because I was looking for something.) This will end up in my future office. I can’t wait.


Here is our prayer wall, posing with my lovely DD.


3 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I found your blog while doing a Google search for Glencoe Physical Science. We homeschool our two boys, ages 12 and 13 and I am already searching for science materials for my age 12 for next year. Age 13 is doing Apologia Physical Science this year, but it doesn’t look to be the right style for my age 12 for next year. I think Glencoe Physical Science looks good for him, but haven’t been able to find much information on it from a homeschool point of view. I noticed that your oldest will be using it this year. Do you just have the student text book or are there tests with answer keys, etc. that are helpful to have as well? Any comments, opinions, etc. would be welcome. Thanks!

  2. Neat room. I have a “school room” that holds most of our stuff, but we seldom study there. Actually, my older girls study there (college), so the little girls and I use the good ole dining room table. Marissa likes it in the dining room a lot better anyway for some reason.
    Thankfully if the ps were out, they weren’t at Dollywood. It was a nice, uncrowded, although very humid, day.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I happened upon your website in a homeschooling pics search. I am very impressed with the organized nature of your school room. I just had to stop for a second and give a complement. Way to go!

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