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It’s 1980 at the DMV


My DH had to visit the DMV in a small town in North Carolina this morning.  This place is in the middle of nowhere’s ville.  The building is surrounded by people’s houses.  I thought I lived in a small town.

You walk in the door and sign a piece of paper and sit down.  They walk out in the lobby ever so often and check it.  Then they call you back to a little desk and give you a number.  I noticed that everytime someone got a number and sat down, it was called as soon as you heard ‘plop’.

We live about and hour and a half away from this particular DMV.  My DH had the pleasure of being pulled over a few months back and is going against the ruling.  We had a scheduled hearing there this morning at 9am.  Our lawyer, who is from there, had to call and get directions to this place.  Yep, it that’s way out there.  He walked in the door and went to the water fountain to get a drink.  Right next to it is the magazine rack.  He picked up a Car and Driver from 1982.  He was astonished.

When they all went back for the hearing, that lasted only 10 minutes, I looked over the rest of the magazines.  I was bored so I started to arrange them by type and year.  The oldest was some car mag from april 1980.  I seriously think this place is stuck back in that day and time.  It’s a wonder they had a computer for calling the numbers.


On another matter over in North Carolina due to the same traffic violation, we had to visit the courthouse.  WAY different than the ones I have been to around here.  At our courthouse, you better be in the room at 9am because they LOCK the doors.  There, we didn’t have to be there until 9:30.  You do have to go through a metal detector.  My DH set it off and they guy said it was ? supposed ? to do that.  OK! <FYI he has a piece of metal in his leg, he didn’t have weapons of mass destruction>  The officer manning the detector told us not to be in a hurry, that court doesn’t start until around 10:15.   He was right….and roll call <docket> wasn’t done being called until 11:45.  Our court would have been almost over and going to lunch.  They just kept putting off court cases.

I’ll quit ranting.  LOL.  NEVER NEVER


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