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Fire, breaks, brittle….oh my!

Don’t ever let my DH get anything from your oven!  The crazy man left a potholder in my oven.  The kids came running in my bedroom yelling, “There’s smoke just pouring from the oven!”  “You need to come NOW!”  DH says they are just joking because he was just in the oven.  Well, that was all I needed to know.  I jumped up and ran in there.  The kids were right.  Smoke was all over the kitchen. I open the oven and inside is some square thing just glowing.  That square thing turned out to be my favorite potholder.  Sheesh!

That was just the first fluke of the night.  I tried to make peanut brittle in the microwave.  Everything is going according to plan, until I hear a pop.  Now, my favorite mixing bowl is inside the microwave cooking the sugar mixture.  I didn’t want to open it up at all.  The bowl had popped in a circle around it.  Pyrex bowls can break!


I had to make the brittle the old-fashioned way, on the stove.  The recipe I used was simple as can be.  I got it on the first try, or would it be the second if you count the microwave incident.  Oh, well…..it tastes good.  The kids asked if they could have it for breakfast.  Yeah, right!


Here‘s the recipe.  I used the second one.

Later that night, my DH, who never gets on a computer, just sits down in front of mine.  I had to take a picture.  That was so WEIRD!! I was reading a car catalog about his new mustang gt.  It had a website in it where you can go add ground effect, accessories, etc and see what it looks like.  He just thought that was cool, so he had to try that one out.  The kids even designed there own.  His was one big pipe dream.  When he clicked on ‘view pricing’, he gave it up!  His add-ons was a total of $3,000 +.


He did finish painting his motorcycle this morning.


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  1. Oh no! What a night! At least no one was hurt.

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