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It’s that time of year! I have been waiting all year long to eat one of these crazy looking fruits. It all started when I watched a stupid tv show showing how that get the juice. Of course, that was back in March. DS1 and I have been watching the grocery stores ever since then waiting for one. He lucked out and bought me one from Wal-mart about a month ago. YUCK!!! It was rotten. I felt bad for him, because he paid $4.98 for that thing. Well, yesterday they gods reigned down on us again. We got one for $1.48 from the same wal-mart. DS2 has been asking me ever since when we are going to cut it open, so today was the day. Here is what happened:

Start with the fruit….


Kids working the arils away from the pith….



Bowl of arils…. all cleaned up and ready to eat!


We have some in the freezer spaced out on a pan. The kids wanted to try pom-cicles. HA HA HA <–that was too funny. All in all, the kids liked them. I’m still deciding. Maybe I’ll buy a jar of that wonderful POM juice. Maybe not.

Here is a link to wikipedia for pomegranates. We learned where they came from <I would say ours came from California>. We also looked at some recipes. NO THANKS!

UPDATE:  Apparently we are going to grow them now.  DD & DS2 just informed me that they are saving seeds and are going to start growing them to sale.  Should I tell them that we are in the wrong climate?


One Response

  1. Yum. I love pomegranates. I just bought some cranberry/pomegranate 100% juice today at the store. I haven’t tried it yet. The POM juice was pretty strong. Good, but strong.

    (For that price, I hope you got refunded from the rotten one!)

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