Week 249


I say … and you think … ?

  1. Treadmill :: Fast, except mine, it just sits there
  2. Stroke :: Paint, DD has been doing that all day
  3. Exclusively :: ME, ME, ME
  4. Lash :: eyes, self-explaining
  5. Red carpet:: star, again, self-explaining
  6. Credit card :: …..CHARGE IT!!!
  7. Points :: driver’s license, so much trouble
  8. Domestic :: goddess, That’s me! I’m superwoman, NOT!
  9. 21 :: drinking , not that I drink
  10. Inject :: Botox, don’t do that either

One Response

  1. I was thinking you were the blogging friend who had a pumpkin craft on here, but I can’t spot it anywhere. Any chance? It was wrapping material around ? batting maybe?, with a stick, I think for the stem. If it was you, and I’m just over looking it, would send me the link to that post?

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