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’07 Things I’m Thankful For

….besides the basic things that everyone is thankful for.


1. Getting out of Food City alive last night. What the heck was I thinking going in THERE to get a bag of marshmallows that I won’t use anyway? I think I just wanted to leave the house all by my lonesome. Desperation…

2. Finding a recipe for ‘sweet potato casserole’ at 1 am this morning. I only wanted to glance at it to see what they put in it. I really didn’t want to do the marshmallow thing. WHEW!! Now I don’t. Luckily, I have everything here.

3. The kids will be staying at their aunt’s house tonight. DH and I will be able to go do something alone. It’s also his birthday. Maybe he will let me drive his mustang.

4. For remembering to take the giblets out of the turkey this year. We won’t mention what happened last year. <at least they were done> I really don’t know why they put those things in there anyways.  EDITED: At least I thought I did.  They hid some on me up front.  DH kept asking me where those little things were.  It told him, “I guess they don’t use them anymore.” Oh, well!  Maybe next year.
5. For the lady that posted the trampoline on freecycle. Thank you!! The kids love it.

6. For being on the computer when she posted it. I’ve never been able to get anything from anyone on there. It’s usually gone by the time I see it.

7. For school being almost half over. We have about another week. Then, the kids will be doing lapbooks, etc. for December. It’ll be kind of a hiatus.

How bout y’all? What 2007, I mean 07 things are you thankful for?….

Oh, Yeah….Happy Thanksgiving!


3 Responses

  1. I loved reading your list. Wow, a trampoline on Freecycle! I need to use that website to bless others. Hope your turkey and sweet potato casserole turns out well. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

    I enjoyed reading your gratitude list 🙂

  3. Egads! I had the same problem with our turkey this year!

    (Homeschooler in KY)

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