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Dowsing – Water Witching

The kids and I visited Wilderness Wildlife Week (day one, for us) today.  We had a list of classes to attend, but the one that stood out the most was the dowsing.  DS2 was the most thrilled.  I was so proud of him, he got up and participated in front of a big room FULL of people.  There weren’t that many kids there, actually including my three…the total was four.  Charlie Monday, the speaker, and his wife said that kids take to the dowsing quicker than adults.  I’m still a little skeptical on the whole thing.

Well, just as soon as we got home. The kids found some metal coat hangers and made their own rods.  Off to the family cemetery they went.  I think they were hoping to find some unmarked graves (he spoke of that happening).  They even tried to sex the bodies in the marked graves.  I’m sure of three of them.  The other three buried there are babies that I’m not sure of.  Even there names don’t tell me anything….strange names.  One of the others was also a baby, but I know that one is a boy.


After the graves, they were off to find some water.  According to DS2, we have a river running all around our house.  I sure hope we don’t float away, we’re about to finish the newest part of the house.  Here’s a picture of the upstairs living room.  We’ll have the one upstairs for everyone, one downstairs for DH and his friends to use, and the classroom will be in the one that was intended for kid use only.  Oh well, I’d rather have a big classroom than a place for them to just play games.


We have classes lined up all week for the WWW.  Tomorrow the favorite class seems to be Intro to Acoustic Guitar.  Can’t wait.


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