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Young Rock Hounds

Yesterday’s classes at WWW were a hit and miss with the kiddos. DS1 stayed at my Mom’s house (who happens to live shortly behind the hotel) for the first one. He showed back up for the guitar class. We weren’t the only homeschoolers there. Amy Beth and her girls were there also. This will be the first time I had really seen her since high school. My family has just thought that I made her up until yesterday. They remarked after class that they were surprised she was real. When we got home and I told DH about the class and her being there, he asked me if I was lying. I’m not sure why no one believed that she was real. STRANGE!!!

Today’s class was about rocks. Not just ordinary rocks, some of these glowed (with the help of black lights). I gave the camera to DS2 to take some pics. Boy did he ever, he took 47 pictures. He had the guy pausing in front of him to take the picture. After class, we had to go to the library to get some rock books. I figured they would come home and try to dig up some rocks of their own. NOPE. We are however going to make geodes at some point today. We’ve had that one planned out all week. After DS2 seen the big one the guy had, he wants a huge one. I’m going to have to order a huge quantity of alum for that one. He has this huge kickball he is willing to slice open and make one in. GOOD LUCK! I’ll let ya’ll know how that one turns out.

< Here > is a neat link that I’ve saved for times like this one. The kids are having a blast on it.

Here are some pics from today….


arsenic <this seemed to be the fave of my kids, weird>


big geode <the one we have to beat in size>

glow-in-the-dark rocks

3 Responses

  1. Hi ! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 I’ll put your name in the drawing . Thanks for the encouragement too 🙂 I told Baby Girl (oldest DD) last night that I had forgotten about WWW . I can’t remember anything if I don’t write it down or tell her , she is my memory but even she forgot this . Of course some of us have been feeling puny lately . I wish I could go today but we can’t , got tons to do 😦 . I would really love to go tonight and listen to Jimbo & Greenbrier . They are awesome ! Sometimes they come and play at our church . Maybe tomorrow we will be able to go .

  2. Oops ! I was gonna say great pics . Hoopy (youngest DS) loves rocks . His Papaw gave him a cantalope sized geode last year and he loved it . I’m thinking I have a future Geologist here . Stuff like rocks and volcanoes fascinate him .How do you make geodes ? Hoopy would love that ! Ok , I’m done now …I think 🙂 Have a great day !

  3. hi guys!
    robinwood was so great wasn’t it!!!!!!
    I want to go back seriously!
    anyway got to go
    bye bye!
    :love: :love: :):):):)

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