Geode Growing – in an egg shell

In my recent post, I noted that we would be growing geodes of our own.  Here are the results from that experiment. Note: this is the small geode, not the LARGE one.

Luck have it, the day of the rock show, I got an email that discussed growing geodes in an egg shell.  I had bookmarked another lesson on the subject that used a grapefruit as a holder.  We choose to do the egg shell, mainly in part due to we had meatloaf that night and had some shells.   <FYI: You can get a great science experiment book for FREE from Supercharged Science.>

Here are the ingredients: alum, hot water, egg shells


Here are our eggs with the wet solution inside.  We colored the eggs with icing gel, so we could tell whose was whose.


Here is DD’s egg geode dry in the shell.


Here it is out.  She loves it to pieces and wants to make a box for it.


Now to find a supplier for a bunch of alum.


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