Okay, it didn’t snow at my house. We actually had to go up on top of the mountains to play in the snow. My DH had the idea late Friday night, so we left Saturday morning. The kids were so bored in the car on the way. Actually, they were about to fall asleep until DS2 noticed the snow on the side of the road. He wanted to get out and play in it then. YUCK! Black snow is the grossest. <–Well, maybe not.

We traveled up to the top of the mountain. There is a spot there to park, not to mention….bathrooms.  Those come in handy with three kids.

The kids climbed to the top of a pile of road snow…

Standing on top of the mountain.  The boys stuck a sticker on DD’s back.

Here they are in front of the Rockefeller plaque…



We traveled over the mountain to the next stop. They got to play in the snow some there. Mainly they just threw snowballs at everyone.



After the snowball fight, it was back down the mountain towards Gatlinburg. We stopped where these kids were sledding. Someone had built a nice snowman. DS1 was trying really hard to get another one built before I got too cold and made everyone leave. That didn’t take long.



Now…I wish it would snow here. I could use some inside time to get some sewing finished. Not to mention, I’m way behind on my hat making for needy babies. I’m up to 35.


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  1. I bet that was so pretty. I love going up on the mountain when it has snowed, but it has been a while since we were able to go. I’m losing all hope of snow here in the valley! : (

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