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What are you supposed to say when your 10yo asks you if he can build a fire?

DS2: “Can I build a fire?”

MOM: “Do we have marshmallows?”

DS2: “I don’t know.”

MOM: “Go look. If we don’t, I’ll go get some.”

MOM: “Wait! Go ask your Dad.”

DS2(to dad): “Can I build a fire?”

DAD: “Do we have marshmallows?” <–I swear he was on the other side of the house when I answered the first time.

DS2: “Mom is going to get some.”

DAD: “Do we have hot dogs?”

DS2: “I think so.”

DAD: “Go get some wood together and wait on the marshmallows.”

…I had to go to FOUR stores to buy marshmallows. There must have been a run on them or something. I ended up having to drive all the way to town. The hot dogs went to fast for me to even get a glance at..let alone a picture.

Here are some sticky pics….

marshmallow-jimmy.jpg marshmallow-abby.jpg

DS2 and his robot marshmallow Gotta look stylin’ while getting sticky

Get a load of my DH’s latest haircut! I’m not sure what he was thinking on that one…or if he even was! LOL He went to a friend’s house and came home looking like that. I didn’t do it.


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