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You could win an iPod Touch by participating in our Earth Day CurrClick

Commercial Contest, running April 7th through April 20th!

Kids, ages 7-18, are welcome to participate.


Earth Day is fast approaching! Help us celebrate and spread the word about the environmental benefits of eBooks by producing your own commercial and posting it on YouTube. Simply e-mail us the link to your video, along with the names and ages of the children appearing in the video, by April 20th. The 3 winning videos will be posted, Monday April 22nd on CurrClick. Then, our members will be invited to vote for their favorite video! The winner with the most votes will win an 8GB iPod Touch (worth $299 in value) and $25 in site credit. The winner with the second most votes will win a 1GB iPod Shuffle (worth $49 in value) and $20 in site credit. The winner with the 3rd most votes will win an iTunes Gift Card worth $25 and $20 in site credit. Prizes will be mailed out to the winners by May 1st, 2008.

Contest Rules:

1. Videos may include multiple children. But please remember that only one prize will be given out to the top three winners. The first names and ages of all participating children must be included with the submission.

2. Feel free to encourage your co-ops friends and family members to vote for your video. (Voting runs April 22nd-28th.)Voters are only allowed 5 votes per account. You must be a CurrClick member in order participate in the voting process.

3. Submissions should be sent to staley@currclick.com by 9:00 pm, Central Standard time on Sunday, April 19th, 2008 and must include a link to the YouTube video submission. CurrClick will not be responsible for missing or broken links.

4. Only one submission per child, please. Individual family members are welcome to create and submit additional videos.

5. Children, ages 7-18 are welcome to participate.

6. Parents are encouraged to help their children with the research, design, production and creation of the video. However, parents may not appear in the video and should encourage their children to do as much of the work as they are capable of doing on their own.

7. Videos can be funny or serious, but all videos must contain information about how eBooks can help the environment. Helpful links include: http://www2.sims.berkeley.edu/research/projects/how-much-info-2003/print.htm, http://environment.about.com/od/recycling/a/harry_potter.htm, http://www.conservatree.com/learn/EnviroIssues/TreeStats.shtml

It is further useful to note that eBooks do not need to be delivered from overseas printing presses and distribution centers (using fossil fuels) and that they use very little energy to create.

8.All videos must be named with the prefix of “CurrClick,” a dash and then the name of your video on YouTube. This way, members, CurrClick employees and contestants can easily find and watch all the submissions on YouTube.

9. By entering this contest, you agree to keep your video live on YouTube until May of 2009. In addition, you agree to allow CurrClick to use your video for possible future promotions.

10. Videos must not last longer than 5 minutes. Videos lasting longer than 5 minutes may be disqualified

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