Car Shows….gotta love ’em!

My dear husband is a car lover.  The kids and I ….not so much.  We let him endulge in his ‘redneckism’ every now and then.  Since we live in tourist town, USA, we have car shows just about all summer long.

I thought I’d throw a few pics up so people can see why you should call ahead to find out if a car show is going on in a town you want to visit. (Great info for myself, since the last time we went to Myrtle Beach they had a motorcycle rally that we didn’t know about. <–although DH enjoyed that one too.)

On the better note….we did find out that Pigeon Forge has a new roller rink.  That shows you how much I get to town.


DS2 – Trust me …he’s just smiling for the camera

DD – She knows the way to travel

Here is a pic of DD’s little baby.  She seen me making baby bibs and had to have one for her baby.


One Response

  1. Redneckism? Oh Please! Roller Rinks? Now that is Dweebism? Queue the ABBA – Dancing Queen for the Spotlight Skate!

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