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FREE – August Book Bag

From Currclick……this week’s freebie


August Book Bag, the first of Teacher Book Bag’s monthly publications, is filled with unit study activities. Twenty apple activities take you through all of the subjects as well as age groups. The same can be said for the twenty sunflower activities. Add to that an art study of Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh and you have 129 pages of fun, educational learning experiences. Bar graphs, pictographs, story wheels, a book to make, mapping activities, timelines, personal weather trackers, calendar materials, comparison charts, an author study on Virginia Burton, quilting activities, life cycles, an art lesson, a sunflower clock, oodles of yummy recipes, and many more activities are included. It may say August, but it can be used year round and for years to come. Fee free to contact us at MyTeacherBookBag@insightbb.com for a table of contents.

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  1. Hey there! I saw your info on August Book Bag. It’s no longer free, but we have about four other freebies right now. In fact, everything on the site is 50% off in celebration of our Grand Opening of our new website, teacherbookbag.net. We still sell everything through CurrClick.

    I see you love the mountains. My favorite place in the world is the Blue Ridge Parkway. I’m a big-time fisherperson. I do the bait and cleaning…the whole thing.

    This summer, I want to finish my nature eBook that I started. I love to hike and camp out. It’s good for the whole family.

    Thanks for listing my eBook. Hope you were able to use it.


    Donna Bathalter
    Teacher Book Bag, LLC

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