Picture Posting —random

Here are just some random pictures…..

Here is my DD after she got back from riding the motorcycle with her daddy.  She’s had those leather chaps in her room FOREVER and is just now wearing them.  The helmet is her big brother’s dirt bike helmet. (The day before she had on all black, with the chaps, and a doo-rag.)

**Notice her China and olympics flag on the side of the desk.  She is super proud of those.  This was taken in our ‘new’ classroom.  It’s the final destination for the classroom….it just needs some tweeking (sheetrock on parts).

Picture taken by my DD.  She was on her way up to take a photo of the below eggplant…and I found this on the camera.

My DD’s first eggplant.  She was wondering why it wasn’t white and round.  HMMPH???

My DS2 on a friends cart.  I kept telling him to slow it down, but for some odd reason…he chose not to hear me.  Must be that ‘selective hearing’ that males have.

The kids on the slidewinder at Dollywood for the second time.  The oldest had ridden it lots before.  The two ‘littles’ did NOT want to ride it at all.  When we all got off of it, they wanted to ride it again.  SINCE, you have to walk up a mountain to get to the top of the ride…the parents set the second ride out.

The reason we drive all the way to Canton, North Carolina to eat.  This was on my birthday.  I love the Sagebrush over there for some reason.  I drive right by one here to make it to that store.  I’ve eaten at the one in Newport, TN…but they ran out of sweet tea after my first glass….no good.


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