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FREE – Place Value Game

FREE this week only from the CurrClick store:


Place value with 3 Digit Numbers
help students discover the value of numbers through play. The 5 great games in this set reinforce the relationships between digits and numbers and the way our number system works. This understanding is a basic skill and a necessary foundation for further math mathematics. Students increase their understanding of place value as they play the 5 great games included in this packet. Reproducible backlines included in this package:
•A variety of games
•Complete game boards and game cards
•Activity backline masters
•Activities to send home
•Easy to use teacher’s guides
•Easy game assembly
What other say about Math Games:
Shelli Campos (1st grade teacher Medford, Oregon), “Our school uses your math games for our after-school math club. The kids have so much fun learning that our enrollment has gone way up. The kids absolutely love the games, they are hands-on and developmentally appropriate. Even parents who were too intimidated to come into the classroom show up to help out at math club. These games put the fun back into learning, the way it should be!”

Shelli’s principal told others about Math Games and the more they learned about Math Games the more they knew that they should give it a try. Here’s why you should too . . .

•Research shows that repeated practice solidifies basic facts in students;
•Elementary teachers recommend learning through play for young children;
•Customers agree that Math Games offer games that focus on specific math skills and concepts.

“Your games are easy to use, accurate and correlate well with our Math “CIMS”. I now have a life after school and on weekends because I don’t spend hours making my own bilingual materials.” N. Reynolds 5th grade teacher.

Balanced Instruction
Math Games includes instructions for whole-group, small group, partner, or family games and activities. These games and activities supplement teacher-directed instruction with opportunities for open-ended, hands-on explorations, and on-going practice. As you know, this is the type of instruction that makes exemplary Math programs.

Multiple Methods for Basic Skills Practice
The very nature of the games and activities that are included in Math Games provide numerous methods for basic skills practice and review. These include written and choral fact drills, practice with flash cards, homework, timed tests, graphing facts, all within a wide variety of Math games. The best rated schools are using the research base that tell us to provide the time and materials need to practice and review basic facts. Does your school?

Emphasis on Communication
Academic Math fluency is the foundation of math success in second language learners and native speakers alike. Math Games encourage students to explain and discuss their mathematical thinking, in their own words in a safe and authentic environment. Math Games give students opportunities to verbalize their own thoughts and strategies. Game playing gives children the chance to clarify their thinking, use math vocabulary and gain insights from others in a real life situation. Be part of the growing number of top notch schools that provide all students access to math curriculum.

Enhanced Home/School Partnerships
Now your school can provide opportunities for family members to participate in the mathematical learning of their children. Math Games are perfectly suited to be checked out as take home game sets. Each game package has homework suggestions. The games and activities included in Math Games are the perfect compliment to before or after school programs, school math nights and summer school programs. Get on board with other top schools and include Math Games in your family outreach programs.
If you have questions or inquiries, please feel free to email us at mathgames@funtoteach.com. We look forward to serving you.

Your partner in math education.

Lori Wolfe
PO Box 3012
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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