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County Fair — 2008

The fair was here Labor Day week. We didn’t get to go last year due to being busy with life, but the littles and I went this year!!!! YEAH!!!! I love just going to look at the exhibits. We were going to enter, but didn’t make it down there with some stuff.

We got lucky and had two $8 off coupons for their armbands. (made them $10 each…if we didn’t have the bands, one ticket cost $1 each and most rides took 3!)

First ‘ride’ they did….This is actually their second time going in. The first time they never made it upstairs…don’t know why?

This one got used a lot. Thank God for those bands, because this one was a $3 ride. I can’t even imagine.

This ‘ride’ NO ONE would go on. My kids made it about as far as the ones in the pic. I stood there and watched kids go in and come right back out. Those were just the brave ones. Most just ran away as soon as they saw it. WHIMPS!

This ride you would never catch me on, so don’t bother looking!

I couldn’t get the kids to get on this one, but I LOVED it when I was younger. I don’t think my stomach could take it now. I kept telling DS2 that you could climb the walls, but he was afraid he would fall down.

This was their favorite ride. I can’t remember the name of it, but we called it the ‘Himalaya’ sp when I was younger. My friend and I would ride it over and over and listen to Def Leppard (yes, I’m that old). It goes forwards and backwards.

It wasn’t all rides and fun, although DD thought this was fun. All she was worried about was getting that ‘crap’ off of her hands. She shows those prints to everyone who comes by.

The cutest emu in the world!

The kids thought this is what our goats baby would look like. One is black (Pepper) and the other is white (Salt).

So, til next year…memories are made everyday.

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