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Day in the Woods (PIC HEAVY)

Well, the yesterday started out with DH asking if we wanted to go to Dollywood. I had to remind him that they were closed on Thursdays (he thought it was Wednesday). So he asked where we wanted to go…and for some dumb reason…I said Laurel falls. I’m just not the hiking kind of person. I like nature, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t find it fun to walk up a hill that never seems to end. So, for anyone else out there like me, here are some pictures from our little escapade to Laurel Falls. (Side note: While we were walking we were also discussing a blog from another person that I had read. It’s about life in the 1500’s.)

DS1 lagged behind with me while the others ‘ran’ up the hill. Not sure what the big rush was..anyways..DS2 comes running back down. This time he was really running. He asked from my camera and then RAN back off. DS1 and I were wondering why would he want the camera NOW? So give me another couple of minutes and I catch back up with them and there is a bear on the trail. Here is the best pic that DH took. OOOOHHHH…excitement.

Well, after an exciting walk straight up a mountain (at least it was paved), we arrived at the falls. Several hundred pictures later, here is the only one I will post. Not that the rest weren’t any good, I just don’t feel like uploading five hundred pictures.

This one is from the littles and their daddy getting water from a spring on the way back down. (We had cups.)

This one my DD insists I put on here, since she posed and told me to put it on my blog. Here goes:

That’s all the pics from Laurel Falls. When we left there we had to stop at the Sugarlands Visitor Center for reasons we will not speak of, but while we were there we visited the museum they have inside. The kids love looking at all the goodies they have and they have lots. So, if you’ve never been and you are in the area, it is well worth the trip in because it’s FREE! (so was the above hike)

Not to mention, they have a BOOKSTORE and I love books.

After the center, we traveled into Gatlinburg. I have stopped by this one place that we went to a couple of times, but the road was closed. Not today!!! It’s the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. You drive for awhile before you see a building (which is what I was after).

Here is the cabin at Jim Bale’s place. I only know that because that’s what it says in the booklet I spent $1 on at the above bookstore. This stop also has two other buildings, a barn and a corn crib.

Here is a picture of some really cool grass in the backyard. I don’t know what kind it is, but I loved it. Totally random, but better than the pic that DH wanted me to post. It’s of rocks in the yard. He says that was a sign of laziness. I say there were just too darn many to pick up!

Apparently my kids will go anywhere I tell them so I can take their picture. Here they are on a huge rock in the middle of the river. Dh went with them of course. All I had to do was mention that I would take their pic if they got on that rock there. lol

Next stop was the Ephraim Bales cabin. This one housed nine kids. I reminded the kids that they thought our little four bedroom house was small…sheesh.

In front of the fireplace there is a hole under the floor. I guess they used to keep potatoes in it (again from the booklet). My DS2 had to investigate further. (I’m sure this was breaking some sort of law, but they shouldn’t put it in a booklet that a 10 yo will be reading).

The kids were convinced that this was a chicken house. Until we read the sign that it is a hog pen. We are still trying to figure out how they would get in that small door.

This next place, the Alfred Reagan place, I’m truly jealous of. They have everything. I thought the last place was cool because they had a neat creek in the backyard. Well, this place has one in the front with a grist mill. Plus, this one is painted. It says in my little handbook that it was painted with all three colors that Sears sold. The colors would still be trendy today.

The middle door goes upstairs to an attic that has ‘two’ rooms that join in the back. You just go up the stairs and step onto either side. Neat!

Plus, look at this really nice china cabinet/pantry behind the stair well. I’ve never seen one like this in any other old house. I want one.

Here is the backside of the house. It was built on later, along with the upstairs. I guess they ran out of paint. We were commenting on how it looked like some of the older houses that are still around today.

Later on down the road, you find another waterfall. This one is on the side of the road, Place of a 1000 drips. I guess it’s better in rainy weather which hasn’t been here for sometime. There is a cave looking place in the top of it. The boys were seriously wanting to go up and take a look…NOT!

Well, this concludes my tour. We are wanting to go back and check it out again sometime. I can’t believe I’ve never been there before (that I can remember). Again, it was free all but that gloriously high gas. There is another waterfall in the midst of this trail. You have a 1.4mile hike to get to it. I guess we are going back to do that one. What have I gotten myself into?


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