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100 Things About Little Ole Me

I’ve been wanting to do one of these for sometime….guess I was super bored tonight.  Here it is…

1) I’ve been married for nine years.

2) We’ve been together for 13.

3) We went to school together, but never met there.

4) I have three kids…two boys and one girl.

5) I have two brothers…one younger and one older.

6) I graduated in 1993 from high school.

7) I had my first born at 17.

8) I’ve been planning on doing this list for some years now.

9) I’ve been busy…life happens.

10) I live in the boon docks.

11) …on a farm type place.

12) We have goats, chickens, ducks, fish (outside and in), birds, and a dog.

13) I’m not a ‘farm girl.’

14) I’d rather be sewing or reading a book.

15) I taught myself to sew, crochet, and just about everything else.

16) I learned to crochet from the internet.

17) I’m a firm believer that you can find out ANYTHING online.

18) I’m pretty much always bored (app since I’m doing this list…I am right now)

19) I home school my kids.

20) This is our third year…and I love it.

21) I drive a GMC Suburban…and my Grandma thinks it’s HUGE! Lol

22) I don’t like motorcycles…but we have some…ugh!

23) I hate my hubby’s cars…all straight shift and…too much work!

24) I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 18.

25) My friend, Jackie, took me to get them. (She also watched my son.)

26) She named her little girl after me…I fit the ‘J’ profile.

27) I hate air conditioners.

28) I don’t like ice in my drinks.

29) I’m not big on eating meat…I could go the rest of my life without it.

30) I LOVE salad…it’s like a dessert to me.

31) I’m big on vacations…I could use one right now.

32) I don’t ‘do’ Knoxville (TN). (I won’t go there without the hubby to protect me).

33) I have a list of states that I will NEVER go to…CA, NY, NV….

34) I will NEVER fly on an airplane…I’m a big chicken.

35) I’ll die by a tree falling on my head …long story.

36) I hate trees for that reason.

37) I love trees for that same reason…strange, I know.

38) I love pictures of trees with NO leaves.

39) Halloween is my favorite holiday.

40) We don’t do trick-or-treating…anymore.

41) We don’t do television…anymore.

42) We don’t do anything…anymore….lol.

43) I no longer have a cell phone for people to call me at every waking moments notice.

44) I have SLOW dial-up…due to living in boon docks.

45) I have to fight my kids to get online for a few moments…that’s why I’m usually online around 3am.

46) I like OLD music…Patsy Cline, Conway Twitty, etc…

47) I like newer music also..just the strange stuff.

48) I hate the radio on in the car…UGH.

49) I pretty much only listen to music while I’m in the kitchen.

50) I’m in the kitchen a lot. *usually just standing there

51) I’m not a coffee drinker.

52) I like the taste of coffee candy or ice cream.

53) My little kids LOVE coffee. YUCK

54) I love hot chocolate.

55) I don’t drink alcohol.

56) I don’t smoke..anything.

57) I don’t take pills for anything.

58) If I have a REALLY bad headache, I’ll take an orange flavored Goody powder.

59) That’s very rare that I’ll even do that.

60) I’m not big on doctors or their ‘medicine’.

61) I love the VC Andrews books.

62) I have ALL the Harry Potter books in hardback and first edition.

63) I know I’m a dork.

64) I collect school books. (at least they get used)

65) I always wanted to be a teacher..now I get to play one on tv.

66) I love pizza.

67) I make pizza lasagna and pizza sandwiches.

68) Pizza Hut is like a steak house for me.

69) I hate to cook a big meal and then no one eat.

70) I throw away leftovers to the animals.

71) I don’t like to talk on the telephone.

72) I love to do paperwork.

73) I keep the books for the family business.

74) I make lists of the stuff we have at the house.

75) I do the above, because I buy multiple copies of the same thing.

76) I enjoy reading people’s blogs about their lives.

77) I collect free ebooks…you never know when you’ll need something.

78) I shop at Goodwill for books.

79) I LOVE books….you can never have too many..can you?

80) I often forget what I was just thinking about.

81) Yet, I remember random crap….constantly.

82) I always check my myspace for messages.

83) I’m addicted to checking my email.

84) I have to write down my passwords for everything…hope no one breaks in my house!

85) I have bookmarked all kinds of crafts in my “want to make” file…that will prob never get made.

86) I have about five bins of fabric ‘scraps’.

87) I need to teach my kids to sew to use up those scraps…I need new fabric.

88) I’ve never been to a JoAnn’s fabric store….WANT TO GO.

89) I did recently purchase something from there online…and I felt like a princess.

90) I can’t think of ten more things.

91) I love the sound of a fan running at night.

92) I sneeze EVERYTIME someone sprinkles pepper.

93) I feel like I’m supposed to be right here where I live….rich in history and family history.

94) I love LOCAL history.

95) I collect books on it…and paid way too much for them.

96) I could spend all day in the mountains looking at old houses.

97) I love any old house that is abandoned…beware.

98) I’m kinda nosey…and a people watcher.

99) I’m quiet at times and won’t shut up at others…depends on who I’m with.

100) I’m finally finished….now I can say I did one of these….whew!


2 Responses

  1. WOW! What a list..we have some things in common. I have read all the VC Andrew books too. After I became a christian they started giving me nightmares so I passed my whole collection down to my niece! *Grin*
    Why did they only make a movie with the first book but none of the others? *scratching my chin* IDK

    I do not see myself ever riding in aplance either. Only as a kid about a dozen times.

    Hmmm, not liking air conditioners? Woah! And in TN.How do you mangae in the heat?

    DH and I have also been together for 13 years this December!!

    If you have never blogged about your goats..You should. I’d love to see pics!! We want to get some next Summer. Milk ones.

    I have a list of states that I will NEVER go to…CA, NY, NV….
    hmmmmm, terrorists??

  2. I love your list. We have a lot of things in common.

    On the things we don’t–I’ve been on an airplane (1st at 21 months), in California and New York (not sure about Nevada), and I’ve found that you CAN have too many books–when your English teacher husband starts threatening to burn them!

    I had my fifth baby in 1993!

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