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Our Crazy Goats

Someone had asked me awhile back to blog about our goats. Well, I’m just now getting around to it…so here goes…

We wanted to get some goats so they could mow dow the underbrush in the woods around our house. I also think that DH wanted to get some milk goats..why?..I’m not sure, because he would be the ONLY one to drink said milk.

We had to drive into the next county and purchase some from this guy at a local flea market. He had a bunch to choose from, but we wanted some smaller ones. Smaller in hopes that would learn to love us just the same. Maybe ALL goats are just hard-headed. I know that our two are. We purchased a male and female and set off back to the house.


Now these two goats are tied to the back of our pickup truck and riding down the highway. The kids are constantly staring at them…to make sure they don’t jump out. We had a dog jump out right around the corner from our house.

My DD named the goats just as soon as we got home. The male who is white is named SALT. The female, who is black, is named PEPPER. Get it….salt and pepper. She sure is cute.


These two goats fought like crazy as soon as they got home. We had them tied to the apple tree in the back yard and man oh man did they butt heads! One was even bleeding! I was wondering to myself , what had I gotten into? It seemed that everywhere we tied these two goats up, they either were trying to fight each other (even moved apart) or trying to escape by eating their collars. Move forward in time to the electric fence that costs a fortune. We purchased all the equipment for this stupid fenc. DH walked the line and plugged it in. They think it tickles. Even the chickens would just walk right by it brushing it on their backs. WASTE OF MONEY! It now just sits there unplugged.

These two goats get to roam the acreage freely. We have since given up on tying them up or caging them in. They have learned to love each other. If one gets away from the other…you’ll hear it! They both show up on my back door steps banging their horns on the door for me to come out and play…or maybe they just want some corn. I can’t walk outside with a bucket (empty) without having one of them come up and sniff it. DH will take a bucket of nails out to fix something and he’ll have to keep an eye on it…they will try to eat the nails!

Question…would I get more goats? Probably not. I can’t stand the goat droppings everywhere. I can’t stand getting butted..for fun. I can’t stand worrying about the goats getting on the mustang. I can’t stand worrying about the day that DH wants to kill one and eat it…that would mean I had to be the one to cook it..YUCK! I’ll leave you with that.

One Response

  1. Sounds like some of the reasons I will never have sheep again.

    My aunt had a goat. It was everywhere! On top of everything and ate anything.

    By the way–about the only thing that will break up those droppings is ice and snow. I don’t know why.

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