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Eggs, eggs, and more eggs


I’m going to start this off by saying….I DON’T LIKE EGGS! We have numerous chickens at our house. They currently live outside in their own little chicken coop. At one time, they did live in our dining room as little bitty baby chickens and ducklings.

Now we’ve had these chickens since around Easter in 2008. The fist egg laid was on October 21. At least, that was the first egg we found. You see, these chickens used to roam wherever their little hears desired…the ducks still do. UNTIL, the chickens were attacked by some neighborhood dogs. (We currently no longer have a dog due to them getting ran over all the time. Weird, because there are only about three houses past mine on a dead end road.) After we caged them all up, we started to find egg nests here and there and EVERYWHERE! Now we find them in the chicken coop…as it should be.

The problem..?… We don’t actually eat that many eggs. We deviled some, pickled some, scrambled some, fried some, and used some in baking. We STILL have eggs and they just keep on coming. What do you guys that own chickens actually do with all these eggs. I’m tempted to just let the chicken mommas sit on the things until we get more chickens. BUT, that would just lead to more chickens laying more eggs. It never ends….

Back to me not liking eggs…. Everytime I crack an egg, I gag. I find them that disgusting. More so now that DH had told me what the little white stuff in there was…NEVER again will I eat an egg. He tells me it’s just nature. I don’t care…I’m not eating a chicken that I have loved and cared for and I will NOT eat their babies. End of story…


One Response

  1. The smell of eggs makes me sick. Always has, probably always will. My husband’s aunt used to pull the white stuff out of the egg and throw it away. I’ve never been able to get ahold of it to toss it but she was just really good at it. I guess with a little practice…….

    The eggs won’t necessarily hatch. The hen has to be in a brooding mood. You’ll know when she is but it’s not something I can explain.

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