Crocheting Thru Boredom

I went through a LONG boredom spell before and around Christmas. This year, we decided not to do presents. I did make some fudge and chocolate covered pretzels for three families (they got us some stuff). To fill the void, I crocheted some. Here are the pics…

hot-pad-thread-1 hot-pad-1hot-pad-2 hot-pad-3 hot-pad-4 hot-pad-5 jack-skellington-002 stroller small-crossbones crafty-001 mint-chocolate-002 small-granny mint-chocolate-square-one-small1

The first one is made with crochet thread..same pattern as the next three.

The next five are hotpads. (3 different patterns)

Next, we have a Jack Skellington skull ball. I think he is from Nightmare Before Christmas. (not sure)

Then, we have a new stroller seat for DD’s stroller. I sewed her a replacement seat already..and she lost that one too. Now, I hope she keeps this one.

The two skulls are done in tapestry crochet. Something new I learned.

The little green circle is just a coaster.

The pink granny-square afghan was made for DD. She chose all the colors.

The last one is the first square in the afghan I’m making for my MIL. I currently have two of this color. The squares are 16″.

….and that’s that!

PS…If you haven’t joined ravelry and you crochet or knot…you really need to check it out. I love it there!


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  1. Those potholders are beautiful!

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