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Impotent Bullets…what???

Today was pretty boring, as usual.  A few things to note:

The littles were playing with legos. (That is unusual in and of itself.)  They were building toy guns with the legos, not sure why.  DS2 proclaims that his gun has IMPOTENT bullets.  Now, I’m in the kitchen cleaning and I hear this word..and this word only (selective hearing).  I start to listen to the conversation going on.  DD proclaims that HER gun no has impotent bullets.  I’m completely confused…I can’t figure out what word it is they are trying to say. (–update later–)
Anyways, I go into the main living room and work on a crocheted grocery bag.  I had seen a pattern and wanted to check it out.  Now, it has a cd in the bottom of it, but I tested it and it holds a bunch of crap, including cans!  The pattern works up pretty easy too!
grocery-empty-2 grocery-full
I go back into my room to work on MIL’s birthday blanket surprise for her and hear some more conversation from the classroom.  Now, they are trying to shoot things with their guns with the impotent bullets.  One is shooting while the other one knocks stuff down.  At least they are playing together.
DH came home from work and killed two of our chickens.  He’s been telling us that he was going to do this for sometime now.  These two particular chickens were dropped off by one of his uncles.  He had dropped them off for us to do whatever with.  Now, we didn’t raise these roosters from babies, but the kiddos did name them…and that makes it a little difficult.  The littles both said that they were NOT going to eat these chickens and hoped we were having something with them.  DUH!  He skinned them and cleaned them out…that leaves me with having to wash and bake them.  I got them into the oven without throwing up..kudos to myself!  When they come out of the oven and hit the table, DH proclaims that EVERYONE has to eat some of these chickens.  I cut off a small amount of breast and put it on my plate (I had to show the littles that I was game).  I then topped it with a ton of BBQ sauce.  The littles got a leg each.  DD didn’t eat all of hers. DS2 ate his and another…and then started on the breast of one of the chickens.  I guess he does like chickens he watched play earlier. LOL  I didn’t care for it and hope we don’t have to go there again!

Now for the update on the impotent bullets.  Later on while they were playing with the same guns, DS2 said he didn’t have to worry about running out of bullets because he had INFINITE bullets.  Thank the Lord they weren’t impotent anymore!  I could have laughed my head off!  Things kids will say….


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  1. I really love that bag! Do you have other crochet grocery bags that you use regularly? I keep thinking I will sew up a bunch… someday maybe!

    Thanks so much for visiting my site. I answered your question about freezing milk in my comments section and gave some info about how I thaw it. Generally, we use up a gallon in 4-7 days and it is always nice and fresh. My grandmother has done this for years and has never had a problem as long as she used it in 7-10 days.

    Okay, now I’m going to go check out more of your site!

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